Eyeport Vision Training System Review

by admin on October 11, 2010

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The Eyeport Vision Training System is designed to help most anyone with eye problems to effectively improve their eyesight without the use of eyeglasses or surgery. They believe that there is a fundamental flaw in providing glasses or eye surgery as a way to correct most people that have poor vision. They suggest wearing glasses on a daily basis can actually make your vision worse over time. While it may be true, they say, that your vision is immediately corrected by wearing the right prescriptive glasses, within a week’s time your vision is worse than when you started.

They show clinical research that demonstrate eyesight testing of a large group of children and prove that during any given day most children have perfect eyesight that will begin to falter at some point during the day. They advise extreme caution imposing any child to wear glasses. They further show test results that point out that most eye sight imperfections are generally caused by IGF (insulin-like growth factor). That because our children eat a diet high in sugar, grains, sodas and fruit juices, they are more apt to have poor eyesight.

Keep in mind that laser eye surgery or LASIK surgery can be very dangerous. Some of the items they list include loss of vision, debilitating visual symptoms such as seeing halos, glares and double vision, and the report that many Lasik surgery patients acquire dry eye syndrome. Not to mention that Lasik is a very new science and the long term effects are not known yet.

By reducing the amount of stress and mind strain you have you can, consciously or unconsciously, with the Eyeport Vision Training System you can greatly improve your vision.

Through their vision training system you can learn to correct your vision by training your body and mind to focus. They suggest not reading or working at your computer while you were wearing your prescription lenses. Additionally they suggest not working at a computer longer than one quarter of an hour before taking a break. A good source of light, preferably full-spectrum or natural, it is imperative when studying or reading. It is important to sit upright in a comfortable chair, preferably one that does not have the ability to move around.

The vision training system requires only that you wear what they call “reversible red and blue glasses”, wearing the red lens over your right eye. You then simply press the Enter button which begins the preprogrammed training session. As one light comes on, it requires you to keep your head looking forward and steady, while moving your eyes to look at the light. As the next light appears you simply move your eyes, without moving your head to look at the other light. As you move to the session, the exercise will end when you hear beep. Taking a short rest, with your eyes closed you’ll hear another beep which tells you the next exercise is about to begin. The entire process takes 10 minutes each day.

In review of the Eyeport Vision Training System, they make strong statements in favor of not wearing eyeglasses and allowing your mind and body to correct your vision. Using proven clinical research they back up their claim that better vision can be accomplished through the mind through training, then by artificial means of LASIK surgery, or eyeglasses.

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Ms.Hahn February 17, 2012 at 2:12 pm

I appreciate the clear statement and would love to have an Eyeport.


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